Smart People   4/13/08
by John McClane
If you can just look past the script and focus on the characters, you'll be sure to find [I]Smart People[/I] very enjoyable.

Lust, Caution   11/10/07
by John McClane
...if you’re looking for a spine tingling masterpiece, this movie will surely please those with even the hungriest of cravings.

Sunshine   7/30/07
by John McClane
The sci-fi/deep space genre has not had a film of this quality for a long while...

Live Free or Die Hard   6/28/07
by John McClane
Oh yea, the movie has action, but it just doesn't give you the same feeling as the last three did. If you want my advice, stay clear of this movie until it's on DVD. Even then, proceed with caution.

300   3/09/07
by John McClane
[i]300[/i] is hands-down, a visual masterpiece. From start to finish, our eyes get to feast on one of the greatest looking pieces of film I have ever seen.

Black Snake Moan   3/08/07
by John McClane
[i]Black Snake Moan[/i] tells the story that redemption is always achievable, even in the darkest of hours. All that’s needed is a God-fearing bluesman, a swinging soundtrack, and a really long chain.

Zodiac   3/06/07
by John McClane
[i]Zodiac[/i] is an unconventional thriller because not only do we know the outcome, but it does not rack our nerves with gruesome scenes or scary twists.

Memoirs of a Geisha   3/27/06
by John McClane
An extremely colorful film, a wonderful story, and a thought provoking soundtrack combine to make this one of my favorite films of the year.

Sin City   6/13/05
by John McClane
When the film stopped rolling, a cold wave of astonishment took over and it still clings to me this very day. It was a marveling ride through a city full of crime and death; and damn, it was good.

The Final Cut   4/01/05
by John McClane
In the not so distant future, our lives are digitally recorded at the decision of our parents.

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