Avengers: Endgame   6/20/19
by John McClane
Avengers: Endgame is, at best, revisionist history; it wants you convinced that the MCU can be better than it is already.

Blade Runner   6/19/19
by John McClane
"More human than human" is a motto that begs more questions than it answers.

Spirited Away   6/19/19
by John McClane
Spirited Away is also one of the few animated films where you surrender nothing when faced with the choice between its subbed or dubbed presentation.

TRON: Legacy   3/13/11
by John McClane
This flick will spawn new and grander films to follow.

Predators   7/11/10
by John McClane
It was not as lethal as the first two [i]Predator[/i] films, but there was plenty of violent mauling.

The Road   12/21/09
by John McClane
Very rarely do we get to experience stories of this caliber or performances so fraught with emotions. With that in mind, do everything in your power to see this film, regardless of the toll it may take on you.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine   5/01/09
by John McClane
The best recommendation I can give for casual fans of comics, or the [I]X-Men[/I] universe, is to expect a typical summer flick that’s relies on tightly shot and packed action. And for you diehard fans…expect to be disappointed.

The Fountain   7/17/08
by John McClane
[I]The Fountain[/I] will always be recognized as a stunning achievement by myself, and I will never pass up an opportunity to share it with others.

Ratatoullie   7/05/08
by John McClane
In short, you must see Ratatouille. If you've seen any other Pixar film, and enjoyed it, then watching this flick is the next logical step for cinema pleasure.

Jackie Chan's First Strike   4/21/08
by John McClane
Don't take it too seriously or you'll miss Jackie's daring stunts. Just sit back, relax, and have a good laugh at how crazy the man can get.

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