Viridiana   2/26/17
by Jeff Costello
In the end Viridiana is Bunuel's pessimistic view of a fallen society , shown through some of the most poweful and masterful shots in cinema's history, interestingly with very few surreal elements ,which are obviously Bunuel's signature trademark, but nonetheless sculptured very delicately.

Son of Fury: The Story of Benjamin Blake   2/25/17
by Jeff Costello
So the film tells a story about a young Benjamin Blake ( Tyrone Power), son of the deceased Baronet of Breetholm,who is taken from his grandfather so he could serve to his ruthless and vengenful uncle Sir Arthur Blake (George Sanders).

Days of Heaven   2/25/17
by Jeff Costello
The acting from main characters is very subtle and almost understated , which gives film a dream-like and surreal atmosphere, but it also made it kind of difficult to connect with the characters on an emotional level.

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