Witness for the Prosecution   4/12/17
by Jeff Costello
Despite not possessing his dashingly good looks from 40's anymore, Tyrone Power's charm still remained untouched, and he was very believable in portraying his seemingly good-natured and desperate character, eventough he had occasional slips of overacting.

Sunset Boulevard   4/11/17
by Jeff Costello
Soonly it is discovered that the mansion is owned by an ex silent film star Norma Desmond and that's where there gripping relationship beggins.

White Nights   4/06/17
by Jeff Costello
One of the most intriguing scenes that really made me appreciate, this film was the dancing scene at the night club.

The Lost Weekend   3/31/17
by Jeff Costello
The man that made this film, was masterful Ray Milland who practically lived his character.

Rear Window   3/19/17
by Jeff Costello
The chemistry between Stewart and Kelly was very good and their scenes were perhaps my favourite parts of the film.

The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser   3/17/17
by Jeff Costello
The film featured some bizzare and absurd moments like the street circus scene, which were very riveting, aswell as the connection to Kaspar's isolation and peculiarity.

Pickup on South Street   3/13/17
by Jeff Costello
The supporting cast was pretty strong aswell, especially six time Oscar nominee Thelma Ritter, who rightfully snatched one of her nominations for the role of a professional informer, also perhaps the most tragic character in this film.

Léon Morin, Priest   3/11/17
by Jeff Costello
All Melville's films I've seen so far had expectional aesthetics and Leon Morin was no exception.

Judgment at Nuremberg   3/10/17
by Jeff Costello
The film features some giants of the cinema aswell like: Spencer Tracy, Richard Widmark, Burt Lancaster and Marlene Dietrich.

The Search   3/01/17
by Jeff Costello
I'll just say that "The Search" was one of the rare films that managed to bring a real emotional response out of me, with its raw realism and powerful presentation, that I was willing to ignore some of its minor flaws.

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