Hacksaw Ridge   2/19/17
by JayDee
Now I'm sure that some people who view this film will take issue with its graphic portrayal of warfare; they'll argue that a film chronicling the life of a pacifist should not be so incessantly explicit with its violence, that the film is being hypocritical with its message.

Mad Max: Fury Road   6/07/15
by JayDee
Film Trivia Snippets - There is a fan theory doing the rounds that the Max in this film is not the same Max as played by Mel Gibson.

Avengers: Age of Ultron   4/25/15
by JayDee
Film Trivia Snippets - At one point in time Abomination (the villain from 2008's Incredible Hulk) was considered to play some part in the film with Tim Roth reprising his role.

Birdman   2/10/15
by JayDee
On a number of occasions the film breaks away from him to focus on the characters that surround him so it doesn't really work there either, not unless the entire film is all the delusion of one single man, namely Riggan.

The Imitation Game   1/21/15
by JayDee
Film Trivia Snippets - Benedict Cumberbatch has admitted that while filming one of the film's final scenes he could not stop crying and just broke down.

Whiplash   1/13/15
by JayDee
The short film ended up winning the Short Film Jury Award, and he got funding soon after.

Nightcrawler   1/03/15
by JayDee
In fact there were numerous times throughout the film where the lighting caught him just right that I thought to myself, 'you look like you're right out of a Tim Burton film.'

The Lone Ranger   1/01/15
by JayDee
Now I know that these days that's actually a fairly standard running time amongst films of this nature; the first Pirates of the Caribbean film which this was clearly modelled on for instance clocked in at just six minutes shorter.

Total Recall   12/26/14
by JayDee
So the film is still relevant and in fact if anything the film has actually gained an additional level of relevance in recent years with the rise of social media, smart phones and ever more immersive technology.

Frailty   12/16/14
by JayDee
It felt like the film had been forced into having a requisite shock at the end because it was the expected thing in the climate of thriller/horror films of the time, a notion that could easily be attributed to M Night Shyamalan and his work on The Sixth Sense.

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