No Time to Die   9/16/22
by JPRetana
The movie looks great, the action sequences are spectacular, and the seamless CGI but need I say more?

Moonwalker   9/16/22
by JPRetana
If you've seen the video for Smooth Criminal, you've seen the best of Moonwalker, but you haven't seen it all, and by all I don't mean the rest of the film, but the kind of sight that merits the expression 'now I've seen it all' (and this isn't necessarily a bad thing; it's weird, but mostly good-we...

U2: Rattle and Hum   9/16/22
by JPRetana
This is mostly a concert film (there are interview segments, but these are mercifully short; plus, Bono already talks enough perhaps even too much onstage); however, the best moments of the first part of the film are those that offset the grandeur of arena rock with a dose of intimacy: the band pl...

Flight   9/13/22
by JPRetana
Like the similar Clean and Sober, Flight loses momentum with a Romantic Subplot that a nearly two-and-a-half-hour film doesn't need; on the other hand, I really liked Washingtons and Zemeckis's attention to detail for example, when in the middle of crash landing Whip has the presence of mind to mak...

Imagining Argentina   9/13/22
by JPRetana
The film takes place in 1977, in an Argentina where everyone speaks English with a wide range of Hispanic and Latin American accents, none of which sound remotely Argentinian.

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt   9/13/22
by JPRetana
I'd say this is a hint that (spoiler) Nicholas is the killer after all (otherwise the "size and weight" thing would be a huge coincidence), but that would be giving Hyams too much credit especially considering that Nicholas forces a poor Jack Russell to bite him in the calf of his left leg, to recr...

Dorian Gray   9/13/22
by JPRetana
Sure, at 31, Townsend was arguably too old for the role in 2003, and even more so in 2009, the year this Dorian Gray was released; he was also too expressive, and based on both this film and The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945), it seems that the ideal Dorian Gray is a blank page an unpainted canvas, ...

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