The Hunting Party   9/21/22
by JPRetana
The problem, however, is not whether or not you like the characters, but whether or not you care about them; as it turns out, every tree is the wrong one to bark up in this movie.

Noah   9/21/22
by JPRetana
Noah turns to his grandfather Methuselah (Anthony Hopkins) for advice by the way, according to the Bible, Noah invented wine, but what the Good Book doesnt say is that Methuselah invented tea; the latter is a miracle in itself, since water and leaves, the two essential ingredients to prepare this b...

The Duel   9/20/22
by JPRetana
In-universe, it is ideal too ideal, perhaps; never for a moment does Kingston find it the least bit suspicious that Brant would give the second most important position in town to the first random stranger that literally rides into Mount Hermon, regardless of whether or not hes qualified for the job...

Fireball: Visitors from Darker Worlds   9/18/22
by JPRetana
But perhaps the most oxymoronic moment, both deeply solemn and sarcastically funny, occurs when the film visits the town of Chicxulub in Yucatan, Mexico (famous for being near the geographic center of a crater discovered on the Yucatan Peninsula and stretching into the ocean, created by the asteroid...

End of the Century   9/18/22
by JPRetana
And now it's too late; like Ocho, Javi is temporarily on his own in Barcelona, and has to and wants to return to Berlin to his husband and daughter (a point is made of Javis open relationship with his partner, so that he doesnt come across as a two-timing bastard).

Crossroads   9/17/22
by JPRetana
This same mystery person who congratulates Lucy on her mystery speech expresses her hope that Lucy will continue to "study music at university" (perhaps they should have made the movie a musical and the speech this big song-and-dance number, which would in fact be better than anything else here); Pe...

High Plains Drifter   9/17/22
by JPRetana
The Stranger takes the offer to heart, and paints the whole town red.

Above Suspicion   9/17/22
by JPRetana
Dempsey Cain (Reeve) is an exemplary detective, unlike his younger brother Nick (Edward Kerr), the sound of whose beeper during a raid results in a near fatal shooting for Dempsey, who survives but is paralyzed from the waist down.

Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy   9/17/22
by JPRetana
To the surprise of absolutely no one, the three movies where Craven and Englund coincided are the best of the bunch: A Nightmare on Elm Street, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (co-written by Craven and featuring Englunds infamous ad-lib "Welcome to Primetime, Bitch"), and especially Wes ...

The Last Supper   9/17/22
by JPRetana
The filmmakers also subvert audience expectations by making the African-American Vance the de facto leader of these deranged liberals, while giving the uber-aryan Perlman the voice of reason (his answer to the Hitler question is extremely insightful in its categorical refusal to reduce the matter to...

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