In a Better World   2/14/11
by Holden Pike
Elias is one of Anton's two sons, a quiet, timid boy going through a prolonged awkward stage made exponentially worse by some persistent and escalating bullying at school.

Behind Blue Skies   2/14/11
by Holden Pike
Tonally it's more Summer of '42 than Carlito's Way, and while nothing original is going down, Skarsg is compelling, the recreation of the 1970s is lovingly detailed, and the tidy conclusion (the story is based on true events) is actually refreshing in its straightforward simplicity.

Boy   2/14/11
by Holden Pike
His mother died years ago during his brother's childbirth, and his Dad left not soon after, leaving Boy and brother Rocky (Te Aho Aho Eketone-Whitu) to be raised by his grandmother, along with a houseful of younger cousins, also parentless.

If I Want To Whistle, I Whistle   2/14/11
by Holden Pike
After his selfish and drug addicted mother abandoned him as an eight-year-old with his infant brother in tow, he was forced to fend for himself including criminal schemes, trying to do right by his little brother, all while making sure his sibling went to school and had a modicum of normalcy.

Potiche   2/14/11
by Holden Pike
They have two grown children, the artistic Laurent (J mie Renier) who wants nothing to do with the business, and Jo e (Judith Godr e) who is married to an idiot who has been drummed out of the factory, leaving Jo e to wonder if her destiny will be the same as her mother's.

Incendies   2/14/11
by Holden Pike
Simon wants no part of this, but Jeanne dutifully and filled with much curiosity returns to Palestine to learn about her mother as a young woman in the 1970s, caught up in the war between Christians and Muslims in those turbulent years.

True Grit   12/22/10
by Holden Pike
To label it a remake is slightly misleading, as the Brothers Coen have returned to the source material that was previously brought to the screen in the movie that got John "Duck" (I Says) Wayne his Oscar as Best Actor.

How Do You Know   12/17/10
by Holden Pike
There's a subplot about the legal indictments at George's company, which happens to be run by his father, played by Jack Nicholson.

Black Swan   12/12/10
by Holden Pike
Nina dances the "white" swan effortlessly and flawlessly, but the director worries that she cannot find the dark, seductive power of the "black" swan.

The Switch   8/24/10
by Holden Pike
Her best friend, played by Bateman, of course harbors deep romantic feelings for her, but she simply doesn't see him as a mate, not even as a potential donor.

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