Casino   6/13/05
by Holden Pike
Casino is too often dismissed as a [i]GoodFellas[/i] retread. Yes, both films are about the Mafia, both have large arcs, both show some of the minutiae of crime, both star DeNiro and Pesci, but other than those basic surface elements the films are quite different.

In the Realms of the Unreal   6/04/05
by Holden Pike
Fascinating stranger-than-fiction documentary about Henry Darger, a loner who hardly ever talked to another living soul but upon his death it was discovered in his small room that...

Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession   2/22/05
by Holden Pike
Initially in the early '70s this manifested itself when he got the job programming a Los Angeles theater, and through his infectious passion was able to highlight movies by filmmakers like Altman and Peckinpah that had been dismissed by critics and audiences on first pass, which got him a reputation...

The Human Stain   9/26/03
by Holden Pike
Hopkins is fantastic, in one of his controlled, subtle performances full of nuance and depth rather than the over-the-top camp and menace assaciated with his Lecter-type roles.

New York, New York   4/09/03
by Holden Pike
I think Scorsese's idea mostly works, and the wonderful moments in New York, New York outweigh the hollow ones. But I can also see why critics and audiences would focus on the false notes.

Cape Fear (1991)   4/09/03
by Holden Pike
Scorsese's own spin on the material is quite different, though keeping the same main plot points and conflicts, a more complex morality tale for a more complex time.

Raging Bull   4/07/03
by Holden Pike
The level of brutality and honesty in Raging Bull is jarring, but it's also refreshing and amazing...once you allow yourself to become interested in a wholly unsympathetic character.

The King of Comedy   4/06/03
by Holden Pike
The King of Comedy was pretty badly trashed by critics and audiences alike upon its release back in 1983. This is one of the many instances where both groups missed the boat.

Tadpole   7/27/02
by Holden Pike
The entire movie is full of laughs, and the resolution to these various conflicts is amusing and emotiinally true.

Amlie   11/11/01
by Holden Pike
...this one is most definitely worth the effort...that is if you crave a truly wonderful, romantic, weird, and very funny filmgoing experience. This movie is good for the Soul, man.

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