Casino   6/13/05
by Holden Pike
While GoodFellas wanted to look at a mid-level workaday gangster, Casino has a much larger aim in looking at the men who ran one of the operations in Las Vegas, a cash cow with yearly earnings that made the Luftansa heist seem like peanuts.

In the Realms of the Unreal   6/04/05
by Holden Pike
He eventually escaped, walking over a hundred miles back to Chicago, where he took whatever work he could find as dishwasher or janitor and such.

Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession   2/22/05
by Holden Pike
It's a great story of a love of film, and a sad look at a seriously depressed man who couldn't be saved.

The Human Stain   9/26/03
by Holden Pike
Also some very nice cinematography, especially the still winter stuff, shot by Jean-Yves Escoffier (Rounders, Nurse Betty, Good Will Hunting), who sadly died of a heart attack shortly after filming was completed.

New York, New York   4/09/03
by Holden Pike
Today, even with it being a Scorsese/DeNiro collaboration, it is so little known that few probably even realize the song "New York, New York" (properly titled "Theme from New York, New York") is from this film (you know, "These little town blues, are leaving today, I'll make a brand new start of it...", etc.).

Cape Fear   4/09/03
by Holden Pike
Nick Nolte, who previously worked with Scorsese on the short film "Life Lessons", stars as Sam Bowden, a Southern defense attorney who has just moved to a new small town with his wife, played by Jessica Lange, and teenage daughter, played by Juliette Lewis.

Raging Bull   4/07/03
by Holden Pike
I like Ordinary People just fine, it has some really terrific work by Hutton and Moore especially, but as good as it is, it still plays like the best made-for-TV weeper ever made, and to have it elevated by the Academy over a movie as complex and difficult and as masterfully created and artistically true on every level as Raging's just depressing (in the awards injustice sense, of course).

The King of Comedy   4/06/03
by Holden Pike
The rest of the cast includes Diahanne Abbott (DeNiro's real-life wife at the time, and already a smaller supporting player in Taxi Driver and New York, New York) as a girl from High School he always had a crush on and who he involves unwittingly in his schemes, Sandra Bernhard in her first screen role as another obsessed fan of Langford's - though hers is centered on delusional romantic desires and not showbiz ones, and Fred DeCordova (Johnny Carson's real-life producer) as the fictional show's producer.

Tadpole   7/27/02
by Holden Pike
The farcical scene in the restaurant with Oscar, Dad, Stepmom and new secret older lover is just hysterical.

Amélie   11/11/01
by Holden Pike
That movie was easily the worst in the series (really dumb script), but it did have some beautiful images, and the film's failure can't be attributed to the direction.

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