Lord of War   9/16/05
by Holden Pike
I will say Lord of War is miles better than Billy Friedkin's godawful dull mess Deal of the Century (1983), which back in the early '80s tried to be a comedy with similar material (which I would unreservedly grade an "F").

An Unfinished Life   9/05/05
by Holden Pike
It's all very metephorical and mystical stuff that may play in the novel, but ESPECIALLY after seeing bears so up close and personal in all their complexity in Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man, the "movie bear" in An Unfinished Life just looks, well, a bit silly.

The Aristocrats   9/03/05
by Holden Pike
"The Aristocrats" is the punchline to a not especially funny joke that has traveled in well-worn comedy circles for decades, probably since the days of Vadeville itself.

The Constant Gardener   8/28/05
by Holden Pike
Which is a shame, because an intelligent and well acted movie like this is what the various Studios should be financing more of.

The 40 Year Old Virgin   8/24/05
by Holden Pike
About four dozen explosive laughs throughout. Good times in this, now that we've truly arrived at the Age of Aquarius. A one joke movie, sure, but executed so very well.

Junebug   8/21/05
by Holden Pike
Nivola is good, and his character is the trickiest to play, leading to a great pay-off when we see who he really is underneath the conflict and contradictions near the end of the film.

Grizzly Man   8/20/05
by Holden Pike
Grizzly Man tells the story of Timothy Treadwell, a man who spent a dozen summers communing with wild grizzly bears in remote stretches of Alaska.

Broken Flowers   8/06/05
by Holden Pike
If you don't groove to those two, you probably won't be converted after this movie.

Hustle & Flow   7/17/05
by Holden Pike
An honest character study, good music, fantastic use of location and a basic but well-realized reworking of the grittier flip-side of the American dream make Hustle & Flow a damn good film, and definitely arthouse fare to seek out in the summer full of mega-budgeted blockbusters.

Los Angeles Plays Itself   6/19/05
by Holden Pike
Filmmaker Anderson's personal point-of-view as an Angeleno is initially a bonus, but as he points out in the film many of the best uses of the city as a character in the last four decades have been by outsiders (like Polanski), and ultimately he may be too close to his subject.

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