A Quiet Place   4/08/18
by HashtagBrownies
If I was scrolling through a list of horror films and saw this poster without seeing the film, Id assume it was just one of those types of horror films Not a good idea marketing team.

Nothing Bad Can Happen   2/28/18
by HashtagBrownies
Going into the film I also thought the title was meant to be ominous, but when I neared the end of the film I realised it was a summary of the film's plot and themes.

The Lady from Shanghai   2/20/18
by HashtagBrownies
Characters audio can be heard very clearly when they are very far away, random bits of film are sped up for no reason, the broken glass effect goes out of frame in the final scene etc.

Morvern Callar   1/16/18
by HashtagBrownies
I thought the film was kinda going for a White Ribbon/S ntang proach where they include scenes some would consider pointless in order to give a realistic depiction of the film's events.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi   12/17/17
by HashtagBrownies
The Asian lady made some very silly character decisions, but I guess that was a fault of her and not with the film.

The Witch   11/04/17
by HashtagBrownies
It escalates slowly though out the film until it hits a breaking point at the end.

Dead of Night   8/02/17
by HashtagBrownies
The end to the whole film is insane, unexpected, disturbing, satisfying, what else am I supposed to say without spoiling this great film for people who are ignorant of its existence?!

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