Nightmare Alley   2/13/22
by GulfportDoc
Going in, many know the basic premise from the 1947 film starring Tyrone Power, or from the 1946 novel by William Lindsay Gresham on which both films are based: A down-on-his-luck wanderer comes upon a carnival, where his fascination with the life style and its offer of employment eventually le...

The Power of the Dog   12/19/21
by GulfportDoc
Two brothers who own a Montana ranch --Phil (Benedict Cumberbatch), an intense and scruffy bully; and George (Jesse Plemons), the shy, mannered business tender of the ranch-- have a monkey wrench thrown into their well worn relationship when George falls for, and marries the widow Rose Gordon (K...

Return to Babylon   8/29/21
by GulfportDoc
The film was basically a series of short vignettes featuring biographies (both fictional and real) and sketches of a number of famous film stars from the era: Clara Bow, Lupe Velez, Gloria Swanson, Josephine Baker, Alla Nazimova, Mabel Normand, Fatty Arbuckle, Erich von Stoheim, Douglas Fairbanks,...

The Father   4/11/21
by GulfportDoc
Reportedly French writer/director Florian Zeller had Anthony Hopkins directly in mind as Zeller was writing the screenplay-- so much so that he stated that if Hopkins did not accept the role, Zeller would have made the film in the French language.

Mank   3/17/21
by GulfportDoc
The movie uses as a basis several actual facts: Mankiewicz did get to know Marion Davies, then William Randolph Hearst through the writer Charles Lederer who was Davies nephew; Mank may have been a house guest at Hearsts San Simeon (although Hearsts rule of no one having more than one cocktail like...

Zappa   12/01/20
by GulfportDoc
Authorized by the Zappa Family Trust, the film is more of a tribute or homage rather than a stark expose or journalistic piece.

The Report   12/15/19
by GulfportDoc
But that film will likely never be made.

The Irishman   11/30/19
by GulfportDoc
The tone and pace of the film were absorbing.

At Eternity's Gate   3/05/19
by GulfportDoc
One wonders if Dafoe exhibits more resemblance to Van Gogh from his right side, since in the film they incorrectly chose the left ear for excision, whereas in real life it was the right.

Green Book   1/28/19
by GulfportDoc
But while watching the film the question kept coming up: what was this films point of view?

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