Living   3/14/23
by GulfportDoc
Williams) working in London city government where he and the lower level workers in his unit perform their workaday duties.

Nightmare Alley   2/13/22
by GulfportDoc
Going in, many know the basic premise from the 1947 film starring Tyrone Power, or from the 1946 novel by William Lindsay Gresham on which both films are based: A down-on-his-luck wanderer comes upon a carnival, where his fascination with the life style and its offer of employment eventually le...

The Power of the Dog   12/19/21
by GulfportDoc
Two brothers who own a Montana ranch --Phil (Benedict Cumberbatch), an intense and scruffy bully; and George (Jesse Plemons), the shy, mannered business tender of the ranch-- have a monkey wrench thrown into their well worn relationship when George falls for, and marries the widow Rose Gordon (K...

Return to Babylon   8/29/21
by GulfportDoc
The film was basically a series of short vignettes featuring biographies (both fictional and real) and sketches of a number of famous film stars from the era: Clara Bow, Lupe Velez, Gloria Swanson, Josephine Baker, Alla Nazimova, Mabel Normand, Fatty Arbuckle, Erich von Stoheim, Douglas Fairbanks,...

The Father   4/11/21
by GulfportDoc
Reportedly French writer/director Florian Zeller had Anthony Hopkins directly in mind as Zeller was writing the screenplay-- so much so that he stated that if Hopkins did not accept the role, Zeller would have made the film in the French language.

Mank   3/17/21
by GulfportDoc
The movie uses as a basis several actual facts: Mankiewicz did get to know Marion Davies, then William Randolph Hearst through the writer Charles Lederer who was Davies nephew; Mank may have been a house guest at Hearsts San Simeon (although Hearsts rule of no one having more than one cocktail like...

Zappa   12/01/20
by GulfportDoc
Authorized by the Zappa Family Trust, the film is more of a tribute or homage rather than a stark expose or journalistic piece.

The Report   12/15/19
by GulfportDoc
But that film will likely never be made.

The Irishman   11/30/19
by GulfportDoc
The tone and pace of the film were absorbing.

At Eternity's Gate   3/05/19
by GulfportDoc
To his credit they didnt attempt to mimic the essence of the paintings with film technique, but rather offered them both as a duet and a nod to Van Goghs inspiration.

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