At Eternity's Gate   3/05/19
by GulfportDoc
To his credit they didnt attempt to mimic the essence of the paintings with film technique, but rather offered them both as a duet and a nod to Van Goghs inspiration.

Green Book   1/28/19
by GulfportDoc
If the films title and subject matter were any indication that the focus was on Don Shirley, his beliefs, and his quest to endure a music tour of the South, then it came as a surprise that the thrust of the story put most of the emphasis on Tony Lip: his background, his actions, his philosophy, his awakening.

Phantom Thread   2/13/18
by GulfportDoc
The film was anticipated to be masterful, the presumption magnified by Daniel Day-Lewis' announcement that he was retiring from film making due to the rigors of performance in this project.

The Shape of Water   1/27/18
by GulfportDoc
But the sole popularity of the film will depend upon it's emotional appeal to those captured by the poignant story of a poor mute girl who finds love and fulfillment with a humanoid amphibian; the Cinderella meets The Creature from the Black Lagoon aspect.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri   1/08/18
by GulfportDoc
In order to continue the film's shaky plot, they simply switched the focus of Mildred's rage to a dumb, hackneyed racist (what else?) deputy sheriff.

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