The Report   12/15/19
by GulfportDoc
Burns, and starring Adam Driver, Annette Bening, along with Jon Hamm, Corey Stoll, and other familiar faces, this Amazon picture had the obligatory several week's theatrical run before streaming on Amazon Prime November 29.

The Irishman   11/30/19
by GulfportDoc
One gets the feeling that this will be Scorsese's last "mob" type picture, and if so it's a strong and fitting way to exit the style.

At Eternity's Gate   3/05/19
by GulfportDoc
One wonders if Dafoe exhibits more resemblance to Van Gogh from his right side, since in the film they incorrectly chose the left ear for excision, whereas in real life it was the right.

Green Book   1/28/19
by GulfportDoc
If the films title and subject matter were any indication that the focus was on Don Shirley, his beliefs, and his quest to endure a music tour of the South, then it came as a surprise that the thrust of the story put most of the emphasis on Tony Lip: his background, his actions, his philosophy, his awakening.

Phantom Thread   2/13/18
by GulfportDoc
The film was anticipated to be masterful, the presumption magnified by Daniel Day-Lewis' announcement that he was retiring from film making due to the rigors of performance in this project.

The Shape of Water   1/27/18
by GulfportDoc
But the sole popularity of the film will depend upon it's emotional appeal to those captured by the poignant story of a poor mute girl who finds love and fulfillment with a humanoid amphibian; the Cinderella meets The Creature from the Black Lagoon aspect.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri   1/08/18
by GulfportDoc
In order to continue the film's shaky plot, they simply switched the focus of Mildred's rage to a dumb, hackneyed racist (what else?) deputy sheriff.

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