Top Gun: Maverick   5/26/22
by Grogu
The fact that Cruise ensured that the actors were filmed whilst actually being inside the cockpits and sustaining the G-Force their characters are feeling only adds to the real-to-life feeling all the flying scenes have here, only adding to the authenticity of the film as well as character emotions,...

X   4/04/22
by Grogu
It's been quite sometime since I felt anything of sympathy or sadness for an antagonist in a film such as this, particularly with the disturbing nature of their actions - however - it only adds merit to the fantastic script that ensures this slow-burn film never feels boring or pretentious.

Uncharted   3/27/22
by Grogu
Using characters and properties from the Uncharted games unfortunately posed to be at the detriment of this film and with some truly appalling casting and lackluster chemistry between our leads, Uncharted feels like its potential could not truly be realized due to the limitations its source material...

The Adam Project   3/25/22
by Grogu
With a few impressively filmed and choreographed fight scenes littered through and a scarce few moments of emotion and comedy that work, The Adam Project is a watch-while-doing-something-more-important kind of film.

Psycho Goreman   3/25/22
by Grogu
The manner in which this film is shot in a way that makes it feel low budget-yet-deliberate is so fitting to the films style that it only adds to its unique flair.

The Batman   3/25/22
by Grogu
However, if the film medium served to be the way Reeves truly wanted to deliver The Batman to audiences, if the Catwoman arc had been cut from the film and perhaps a good 15 minutes of the final act - the story would have had more time to breathe into its more engaging themes..

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