In Bruges   9/30/15
by Fabulous
The movie gets more action oriented when Harry is forced to visit the guys in Bruges due to something happening earlier in the movie.

The Drop   5/29/15
by Fabulous
Lonely bartender Bob Saginowski (Tom Hardy) and his cousin Marv (James Gandolfini) run a bar that also substitutes as a money drop; money is dropped off for local gangsters to pick up without anyone noticing.

The Last of the Mohicans   5/16/15
by Fabulous
Michael Mann does a nice job of mixing war, action, drama, romance, and adventure to create a beautiful and inspiring movie.

The Truman Show   5/12/15
by Fabulous
The rest of the world watches every second of his life in the form of The Truman Show; a reality program that follows Truman around every step of the way.

Black Sea   5/06/15
by Fabulous
This movie went largely unknown from what I can tell.

Apollo 13   4/27/15
by Fabulous
Apollo 13 is one my favourite Ron Howard movies.

The Dictator   4/25/15
by Fabulous
Cohen's sense of humour is still present in the movie, but the thing that made him so unique and special was gone.

Slap Shot   4/24/15
by Fabulous
This movie mixes comedy and sport just right and ends up getting a top class movie.

Ted   4/22/15
by Fabulous
Ted is a true buddy movie.

The Bourne Identity   4/21/15
by Fabulous
I grew to like her character as the movie went on.

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