Battleship Potemkin   1/23/10
by Dog Star Man
The influence [i]Battleship Potemkin[/i] has had on the cinematic world from its initial conception-onward could not be overstated.

Black Ice   1/23/10
by Dog Star Man
It is a film completely devoid of any narrative, but in substitute we see the very beauty of what could be, and what Brakhage has illustrated once again which is the transcendence into higher forms of visual art.

Venom and Eternity   1/21/10
by Dog Star Man
If one looks at [i]Venom and Eternity[/i] though a film making standpoint, I imagine they would enjoy it quite a bit. But for the audience which exists outside the confines of the film maker, I imagine this film is not for you.

A Study in Choreography for Camera   1/20/10
by Dog Star Man
The subject for [i]A Study in Choreography for Camera[/i] is a male dancer who dances this set ballet piece. Alone, this subject would be rather stagnant, but Maya Deren makes the subject of dance come alive and transcending all at once.

Woman in the Dunes   1/16/10
by Dog Star Man
In approaching [i]Woman in the Dunes[/i], like many Hiroshi Teshigahara films that precurse it, one must think in the realm of metaphors and interpretations underneath the visual surface.

Ed Wood   11/15/09
by Dog Star Man
[i]Ed Wood[/i] has become a personal comedy to me. There are probably other comedies I find more enjoyable, but this is the one that really sticks with me.

Dog Star Man   11/10/09
by Dog Star Man
Its a film which expands my vision and propels me to create and live.

Glen or Glenda   11/10/09
by Dog Star Man
...ts a personal film, no matter how laughably-flawed.

The Times of Harvey Milk   11/08/09
by Dog Star Man
For anyone who is interested in documentaries, I highly recommend [i]The Times of Harvey Milk[/i].

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!   11/01/09
by Dog Star Man
For anyone who is even remotely interested in camp, I highly recommend Russ Meyer's [i]Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill![/i] I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

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