12 Angry Men   9/10/12
by Daniel M
When questioned over his decision to vote not guilty and whether he actually thinks that the young man did not kill his father, Fonda explains how although it is very likely he did kill his father it is also possible that he did not as he attempts to change the votes of his fellow jurors, explai...

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly   9/09/12
by Daniel M
The three films are not connected in any way other than the mysterious man with no name and can be watched in any order without spoiling each other although many will recommend them in the order of Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars more and then finally The Good, the Bad and the Ugly simply ...

Rear Window   8/27/12
by Daniel M
Hitchcocks Rear Window is a great film and an extremely entertaining one to watch for so many reasons with great acting, brilliantly efficient use of a seemingly limiting set/location through excellent camera work and shots which help generate a mysterious and worrying atmosphere, creating suspe...

Drive   8/04/12
by Daniel M
The feel of the film is brilliant with Nicolas Widning Refns cinematography creating a wonderful neo-noir style film with a fantastic 80s atmosphere that is aided by Frank Martinez wonderful score.

The Dark Knight Rises   7/21/12
by Daniel M
Whilst by no means bad, I just didnt feel the film was a strong as its predecessors for a number of reasons, in this film Nolan has stretched out a story in to almost three hours, the first is largely focussed on getting us up to speed after an eight year jump, looking at the hurt of such charac...

The Shawshank Redemption   7/20/12
by Daniel M
The films tale of redemption is a relatively simple one to follow although it is how this tale is told that makes the film so powerful to the viewer.

Memento   7/18/12
by Daniel M
Perhaps less well known than those two films, Memento is a film many people will rate equally as good if not better than them with the film providing a mind-boggling and extremely interesting plot.

Taxi Driver   7/18/12
by Daniel M
A masterpiece in directing from Martin Scorsese and memorable acting including a fantastic performance from Robert De Niro make Taxi Driver a great film and Travis Bickle one of the greatest characters in film history.

The Usual Suspects   7/16/12
by Daniel M
Aside from Kevin Spacey, who is undoubtedly the star of the film, there is ex-criminal turned straight Dean Keaton portrayed by Gabriel Byrne who pulls of the role of a cold-hearted murderer turned businessman and husband extremely well, one criticism of his story is that I felt his relationshi...

Jackie Brown   7/16/12
by Daniel M
The film lasts almost two hours and a half and this can certainly be felt, some will complain this is too long however I fell that it works well as the story slowly unfolds and the plan becomes more complex as more layers are added by each individual character, I enjoyed the way the film was set...

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