Playtime   2/07/15
by Daniel M
I want to watch this film again already, and I can feel this becoming one of my all time favourite films that I will watch over and over again, spotting delightful new things every time.

Waking Life   11/21/14
by Daniel M
I remember last year when I was in my university accommodation I had this really long lucid dream, it was more like a nightmare, I kept peeling back the layers and trying to get out but I couldn't, and as I kept trying I had to keep reminding myself I was in a dream as you would fall back and forget...

Shame   11/02/14
by Daniel M
By the end of the film nothing has really been achieved, we know nothing that we did not know about these characters at the start of the film and their issues which are expanded way beyond any sort of reality that you just can not take the film seriously.

Fury   11/02/14
by Daniel M
The film lacks (almost) any kind of morality or human balance that make the most powerful war pieces so fascinating and aside from Logan Lerman's young character, each other member of the tank 'Fury' are lazily constructed caricatures that give you no reason to empathise or feel any kind of emotion ...

Gone Girl   10/05/14
by Daniel M
David Fincher is a perfect match for the films mysterious plot, especially in the first half of the film which is filled with dark, edge of your seat moments as we are introduced to the two central characters, to Nick (Affleck) who narrates from the present day as his wife has gone missing, and from...

The Godfather   9/07/14
by Daniel M
Because of its criminal setting, a lot of people who dislike it will use that as their reason, the characters are unsympathic and unlikeable, it glorifies crime, it is cold and unwelcoming, and I must ask: are these people watching the same film as me?

Chinatown   9/03/14
by Daniel M
There is just so much to love about the film, its film making perfection.

Klute   8/01/14
by Daniel M
As mentioned, the mystery of the film takes a back seat to characters and plot, and its abrupt solution I feel was a little disappointing and perhaps prevents me from describing this film as a great one.

Total Recall   7/31/14
by Daniel M
The film will evoke similar films from the genre in how it deals with memory and identity: Blade Runner, The Matrix and Dark City, but what is fresh is the more light hearted way in which it does so, staying true to its satirical comedic tone and action driven style throughout.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes   7/26/14
by Daniel M
After Rise of the Planet of the Apes, a film that despite its flaws focussed steadily on the interactions between humans and apes, and slowly built up to an action set piece finale, I feared that the follow up may have sacrificed certain elements that made it work and opt for a two hour action fille...

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