The Long Goodbye   8/31/14
by Cobpyth
The different versions of the music score, Marlowe lighting a cigarette in every scene he's in, Marlowe's dry mumbling throughout the film ("It's okay with me"), the naked girls who live next door, all the great supporting characters and background characters (Arnold Schwarzenegger is in this film!)...

Forbidden Planet   8/23/14
by Cobpyth
The film's Freudian theme is very cleverly metaphorized through thoughtful, seemingly unimportant details (the cook's lust for drinking, the men's lust for the daughter, etc.) and more obvious representations (the tiger jumping at the commander and the daughter, the robot being the most likable and ...

Quiz Show   8/17/14
by Cobpyth
It's one of the smartest and most sophisticated films I've ever seen about the meaning of "truth" in a socially practical sense.

Carnal Knowledge   8/01/14
by Cobpyth
The film doesn't particularly offer any satisfying answers concerning the character's issues and the different aspects of the human condition that are being observed, but that's not the point of this film anyway.

Five Easy Pieces   7/31/14
by Cobpyth
Five Easy Pieces is a film I can truly sink into when I'm in the right mood, because there's so much truth and atmosphere in this film.

Singin' in the Rain   7/27/14
by Cobpyth
It looks absolutely stunning, it tells an interesting story, it stars probably the most ingenious musical movie star of all time (Gene Kelly), it features a couple of great songs, the dancing choreographies are incredibly spectacular and, probably most importantly, the film manages to truly touch th...

Lawrence of Arabia   7/26/14
by Cobpyth
This is definitely another film that I'll write a longer review about in the future, but let me just shortly tell you how this film was able to meet and even exceed my high expectations in every single positive way...

Millennium Actress   7/24/14
by Cobpyth
I'll tell you about that movie when the time is there, but let me just get this on the record first: IF there's ever an animated film that can become my favorite animated film of all time instead of that one, it's definitely Millennium Actress!

The Swimmer   7/23/14
by Cobpyth
The film very much succeeded in delivering an emotionally and intellectually profound meditation about the human condition and a firm moral message that is particularly (but not exclusively) directed to those people who are facing the three top parts of Maslow's pyramid: "social needs", "esteem need...

Eyes Wide Shut   7/20/14
by Cobpyth
Kubrick's films almost always have multiple layers that can be explored and this is definitely that kind of film.

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