Brighton Rock   7/13/21
by Citizen Rules
I just didn't buy his hold over the older gangsters, nor did I buy the instant love the waitress felt for him.

A Matter of Life and Death   7/13/21
by Citizen Rules
But my real complaint was the totally daft ending in heaven, with the trial to determine if David Niven gets to remain alive or has to be called to heaven.

Gangs of New York   6/28/21
by Citizen Rules
Gangs of New York is not like other Scorsese films.

Paprika   6/17/21
by Citizen Rules
The look of the richly inhabited dream world was visually cool...I love films often just for their creative visuals....and Paprika was very creative visually!

Before Sunrise   6/10/21
by Citizen Rules
Damn, now I got that 1980s pop song stuck in my head...Which is kind of apt, because talk, talk, talk, talk is all this insipid couple did during the movie.

The Picture of Dorian Gray   5/29/21
by Citizen Rules
I wish I could say I loved it, but I mostly found it blas Maybe that's because of preconceived know that's where a film is touted as being one of those must see movies, and when you finally get around to watching it your expectations are much higher than the film can ever deliver.

Oldboy   5/22/21
by Citizen Rules
I like movies that feed the soul and the mind.

Bambi   5/22/21
by Citizen Rules
Though that hunting scene really shouldn't surprise me, as Bambi was made during World War II...and with the carnage of war came a much darker tone to movies, especially film noir.

The Mission   5/22/21
by Citizen Rules
This was like 10 years ago and they lived along a forest river in elevated thatched roof huts, like we see in this movie.

The Dark Crystal   5/19/21
by Citizen Rules
Directors: Jim Henson, Frank Oz Writers: David Odell (screenplay by), Jim Henson (story by) Cast: Jim Henson, Kathryn Mullen, Frank Oz Genre: Fantasy

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