Kwaidan   2/24/21
by Citizen Rules
The Black Hair This one was effective as the sheer guilt that a human can feel is enormous, and when that guilt doesn't subside but grows and festers over the years, that guilt can be utterly devastating.

Kiki's Delivery Service   2/24/21
by Citizen Rules
I liked the way the story handles the cat being left with a dullard boy and a big dog, in lieu of the stuff cat toy which was lost in the woods.

DragonHeart   2/23/21
by Citizen Rules
So after awhile I got use to the dragon sounding like Connery, though I wish they would've digitally mixed his voice so that it sounded more raspy with snorty gasps, you know like a dragon would make.

Tideland   2/23/21
by Citizen Rules
In fact Dell and Dickens weren't needed as the actress who played the little girl could've done this as a one person show and pulled it off, that might have earned this film critical acclaim.

Beauty and the Beast   2/23/21
by Citizen Rules
The Belle of this film is presented as a real person...

The Night of Counting the Years   2/13/21
by Citizen Rules
Did I mention my TV doesn't like Youtube?...After watching about 15 minutes the stream ended with an error....OK, so I just now managed to watch the end of Al-Mummia on my computer.

The Skin I Live In   2/13/21
by Citizen Rules
The Skin I Live In, can be interpreted many different ways and films that are open to interpretation are often rewarding in that they allow us to think about the subject matter, as oppose to just watching it.

Christiane F.   2/07/21
by Citizen Rules
I thought the film was shot well and constructed well (because well, I was checking that out, like I said!), but I never believed the story for a second (and yes I know about that).

The Fisher King   1/16/21
by Citizen Rules
The last hour of the film when the Amanda Plummer story line came into focus was more to my liking than the first hour.

Jojo Rabbit   1/16/21
by Citizen Rules
I knew before the film ended that we had to be clearly shown that the Nazis were bad, but I mean come on we already knew that.

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