The Muppet Movie   8/14/20
by Citizen Rules
I loved that desk that he was seated at, that's a recreation of the office set from the James Bond spoof Casino Royale (1967) Jim Henson made magic with his furry little muppet critters, the TV show was a smash hit and it works here too in a full length movie.

Mulholland Drive   8/14/20
by Citizen Rules
Soon as the movie was over and it seemed to go on and on and on...I thought, 'I so needed to be the executive producer of this film so I could edit out a bunch of non-related scenes and shorten the film down to 2 hours.'

Chinatown   8/14/20
by Citizen Rules
Luckily for film noir buffs, the 1980s & 1990s brought a new fresh style to film noir that no longer was emulating what had been done before.

Paper Moon   8/14/20
by Citizen Rules
I'm a big fan of Peter Bogdanovich, who himself was a big fan of Orson Welles...and well, Welles was big!..and Orson Welles was a mentor to Bogdanovich and gave him a few tips during shooting of Paper Moon.

Unforgiven   7/25/20
by Citizen Rules
The film takes the myth of the old west, a myth that Eastwood himself helped to make, and deconstructs that myth and shows it to be mostly the stuff of idle talk that turned into folk legend.

American Beauty   7/24/20
by Citizen Rules
OK he's obsessed with capturing moments of beauty on film.

The King's Speech   7/24/20
by Citizen Rules
I loved the look of the film, especially the funky room they spent a lot of time in...shown in the screen shot above.

Angel Heart   6/22/20
by Citizen Rules
The sets themselves were so realistically dressed with small period piece items that I would pause the film just to get a good look at all the detail that went into those scenes.

L.A. Confidential   6/22/20
by Citizen Rules
I've never been a fan of action type films and sadly that's how this film ended up.

The Raven   6/22/20
by Citizen Rules
After WWII the free French claimed this film made by a German film company in occupied France was demeaning to the French people and the French resistances....Nah, that's not what the film is doing.

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