Room at the Top   2/08/22
by Citizen Rules
Simone Signoret as Alice the older, married French woman that he falls in love with, made for a very realistic (for film) love story.

A Man Escaped   2/08/22
by Citizen Rules
I also couldn't help compare this to the excellent French prison film Le Trou (1960) which also was about a prison break, but was much more dynamic.

Sansho the Bailiff   2/08/22
by Citizen Rules
I hadn't realized that in Japan's past they too had built wealth & power out of the bondage of other humans and that historical realization brought to the screen via film is another strong reason to watch this film.

The Great Mouse Detective   2/02/22
by Citizen Rules
Which isn't surprising as back in 1986 when this first came out I had other things on my mind than watching Disney films I suppose a lot of younger people had this on VHS and watched it tell the tape broke.

The Reflecting Skin   2/02/22
by Citizen Rules
But still, fake animal cruelty turns my stomach and sank the film right then and there for me...

Yellow Submarine   2/02/22
by Citizen Rules
Yellow Submarine is like one grand psychedelic music video that's loosly based on two different Beatles songs Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and the of course the titular song Yellow Submarine.

The Earrings of Madame de...   10/30/21
by Citizen Rules
Much of the film is composed of these wonderfully elaborate sets and costumes...and is coupled with creative tracking shots and selective lighting that gives the film a deep richness.

Vivre Sa Vie   10/30/21
by Citizen Rules
Vivre Sa Vie is Godard's third feature length film and there's lots of experimental film making techniques employed which added to the films up close and personal feel.

Dune   10/26/21
by Citizen Rules
If someone has never read the book and never seen the 1984 Dune version, then their experience going into the new Dune will be quite different than a hard core fan of the Frank Herbert novel and different than someone who loathes David Lynch's Dune...and even different than someone who loves Lynch's...

Children of Paradise   10/08/21
by Citizen Rules
For such a long movie, I never got bored in fact after the first 10 minutes which were bumpy, I was fully into the film and waiting to see what would happen next to the lovely courtesan and her four suitors.

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