Angel Heart   6/22/20
by Citizen Rules
The director would then take his time with the camera movements giving us plenty of 'in between time' so that we could soak up the atmosphere and 'be in the scene'.

L.A. Confidential   6/22/20
by Citizen Rules
But then the tone of the film changed in the second half and it became more of an action buddy-cop film with people dropping like flies.

The Raven   6/22/20
by Citizen Rules
After WWII the free French claimed this film made by a German film company in occupied France was demeaning to the French people and the French resistances....Nah, that's not what the film is doing.

The Stranger   6/22/20
by Citizen Rules
There were numerous low angle shots, high angle shots, birds eye view shots, that were the hallmark of Welles' films.

Murder, My Sweet   6/22/20
by Citizen Rules
The classic period of Film Noir is often considered to be: 1941 to 1958.

The Scalphunters   6/12/20
by Citizen Rules
I thought Burt Lancaster was perfectly suited to an action comedy, his colorful personality made the film go.

The Grey Fox   6/12/20
by Citizen Rules
The filming sites were in British Columbia Canada and in my state of Washington, which I thought was cool and gave the film a much different look and feel than the typical hot, dry and dusty western.

Dirty Little Billy   6/12/20
by Citizen Rules
And in between the violent climax of the film where Billy becomes an outlaw, and the bleak start where he's forced out into the world on his own...we have all the lost moments that go to make up the individual that we call Billy the Kid.

Meek's Cutoff   6/12/20
by Citizen Rules
The film takes us on a journey and comes as close as any film ever has to giving us the experience these early pioneers would've felt.

The Salvation   5/27/20
by Citizen Rules
I couldn't believe the scene where the bad dude comes into town and announces that the town's folks better find the killer of his brother within two hours OR he will kill two town's folks and so does...and old lady and a double amputee, OMG!

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