Ship of Fools   8/22/23
by Citizen Rules
When a screenplay is adapted from a lengthy and complex multi-character novel the screenwriter has literally two choices: They can include the bulk of the characters by skeletonizing the characters down to just a few core characteristics thus removing most of their story arcs and nuances, so as...

About Elly   12/29/22
by Citizen Rules
Then the movie turns into a 2 hour long version of a TV reality show, where a group of people crammed into one dingy, little house create drama by overreacting to the situation and accusing & yelling at each other...Then I became conscious that all I was seeing of Iran was this one little house...

Themroc   12/29/22
by Citizen Rules
I liked the film at first as it was like a silent era comedy film about a working class man who sure coughed a lot and liked looking at pretty girls in mini skirts...He reminded me of Benny Hill at this point of the film.

Whiplash   12/29/22
by Citizen Rules
The abusive teacher....OK now that I've seen the entire film, I do know they address that the teacher was abusive.

The Green Years   12/29/22
by Citizen Rules
Dialogue and character deposition aren't necessary when the look in the character's eyes can explain more than words ever could...That screenshot perfectly encapsulates the emotional conflict of the couple.

Chimes at Midnight   12/29/22
by Citizen Rules
And the film was drenched in Orson's unique cinema style...Like those low angled shots that made the characters look larger than life itself.

La Vérité   12/29/22
by Citizen Rules
Funny how one film can make a person hate a character and in another film that same type of character is lifted up and people admire him for his dedication to music, even though in the process he hurts people.

The Long Goodbye   12/29/22
by Citizen Rules
It would be wrong to blame Mr Hayden for that mess, the credit albeit a dour one goes to the director who likes to shoot film stock but has a hard time buckling down in the editing room and keeping to a vision.

Les Misérables   12/08/22
by Citizen Rules
I've of course heard of Les Miserables, not that I can pronounce it, but I do know that this has been made into films many times.

American Movie   12/08/22
by Citizen Rules
I can't even say this is superb film making, because what drives the story is the completely off-the-wall people who's lives we look at.

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