Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan   12/06/18
by Citizen Rules
A top notch script and a new director brought the Star Trek franchise back from the brink of oblivion, with the 2nd Star Trek movie helmed by Nicholas Meyer.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture   12/04/18
by Citizen Rules
Excuse me, wasn't that the story plot of the original Star Trek episode The Changeling?...I remember being so excited that ST had 'come back' and was on the big screen.

Man on a Tightrope   12/01/18
by Citizen Rules
A circus owner (Fredrick March) plans to escape communist Czechoslovakia along with his wife (Gloria Grahame) and his entire circus troupe.

Macao   11/30/18
by Citizen Rules
Director Josef von Sternberg was assigned to make the film by billionaire Howard Hughes who owned RKO studios at the time.

Chilly Scenes of Winter   11/20/18
by Citizen Rules
1979's Chilly Scenes of Winter is one of the movies that seemed to have slipped between the cracks of time and been forgotten by audiences who are looking for bigger thrills...And that's a pity because this fine little movie delivers something very unique, a down to earth look at a one sided love affair.

Amélie   11/19/18
by Citizen Rules
So I'll just say I loved the way this film built an alternative world where this charming young Parisian woman lives life like she wants to.

Hunter's Blood   11/11/18
by Citizen Rules
That was hilarious and that's why I liked the film, it's good ole crazy B movie fun.

The Dragon Lives Again   11/10/18
by Citizen Rules
I loved how the film explains that when the dead arrive their face AND body looks different than they did in life, ha!

Night of the Creeps   11/10/18
by Citizen Rules
I noticed when the older lady was watching TV, an old Ed Wood movie was playing, I think it was Glen or Glenda, then it cut to Plan Nine From Outer Space...Oh, if all that wasn't cool enough there's Dick Miller from Roger Corman B horror movie fame.

The Beastmaster   11/10/18
by Citizen Rules
Marc Singer was not only really good at doing the action scenes, he did the small comedy lines well too, I liked his character and his bond with the animals made the movie for me...It was great to see real animals and not CG creations.

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