[REC]   8/04/15
by CiCi
A part of me thinks that maybe the film should have spent more time developing these characters, but another part of me thinks that this would have removed the authenticity of the film, because everything was happening at such a quick rate that its hard to comprehend what is occurring at times and s...

American Mary   8/03/15
by CiCi
The soundtrack was pretty dire, and that's fairly substantial for horror films, it's probably one of the vital elements that made Argento's films, Deep Red and Suspiria, so acclaimed and relevant.

I Spit on Your Grave   8/02/15
by CiCi
Im not sure how I came across this film, it probably popped up on the recommended bar on YouTube after I watched Wes Cravens directorial debut The Last House on The Left (1972) which focuses on the often controversial narrative focus of rape and revenge a plot device that was employed by a vast numb...

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