Dracula   9/07/15
by CiCi
With a terrific cast that managed to deliver some terrific performances, alongside one of the most respected film directors of all time, adapting one of the most iconic horror films of all time, it actually falls a little flat.

Children of Men   9/01/15
by CiCi
For such a quintessentially British film, it was largely ignored, and I genuinely feel as though this is amongst the greatest British films ever made, so I can't understand how it didn't sweep the majority of categories.

The Pact   9/01/15
by CiCi
How this film holds a 5.8 score on IMDb will be one of the biggest mysteries of my life I think, for I found this film to contain very few points of merit, and this has to be the most boring film I have watched all year.

Maniac   8/30/15
by CiCi
Firstly, the vast majority of this film is viewed through Point of View shots from the killer's perspective, the only time this doesn't happen is when Frank looks into mirrors, which doesn't happen too often, it was an interesting touch, and although many films have included point of view shots from...

In the Mood for Love   8/27/15
by CiCi
William Chang (the costume designer) was also robbed of several awards for his brilliant contribution to this film, that has perhaps never been so intelligently used within film.

From Up on Poppy Hill   8/23/15
by CiCi
For only then can we witness this film and truly experience an overwhelming sense of nostalgia that this film commits a large quantity of time attempting to develop.

Battle Royale   8/22/15
by CiCi
I mean, very few films would dare to show a scene of teenagers committing suicide, yet this film did more than once, and that was brave to say the least, and was probably why the Japanese government wanted this film to be prohibited, like the did with the book, which only backfired in the end in bot...

Suspiria   8/22/15
by CiCi
However, Suspiria is undoubtedly the reason as to why I fell in love with Argento's (early) films, for me, it is the perfect horror film, and I doubt any other horror film will surpass my adoration that I'll probably always maintain for this film.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre   8/20/15
by CiCi
Consequently, the violence is brief and sudden, and can't be distinguished from the remainders of the film because it's filmed in the exact same way a dialogue scene is, and that in itself is quite disturbing because its portraying violence in quite a detached way, that very few other films choose t...

Let the Right One In   8/19/15
by CiCi
This Swedish, BAFTA nominated vampire film, is without a shadow of a doubt one of the greatest horror films ever made, in fact, it's one of the greatest films ever made regardless of country of origin, or whatever genre it conforms to.

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