In Fear   2/05/16
by CiCi
And what looked like a original film, with a seemingly inventive ending is diminished into a pretty forgettable film with unfulfilled promise.

Ginger Snaps   1/10/16
by CiCi
The score was particularly atmospheric too, but it was also resonant with the tone of the film, for it was dark but pretty devastating too.

It Follows   12/28/15
by CiCi
This is also one of those cases where not knowing anything about the creature hugely works in the film's favour (like with 'The Thing' although I still maintain that that film left way too many unanswered questions ) for all we end up knowing is how destructive it has the potential to be, and that ...

Opera   12/01/15
by CiCi
There's no mistaking this is an Argento film, and individuality in film is something I appreciate hugely, particularly in horror wherever it's often quite difficult to tell who directed what in this day and age.

Frontier(s)   10/25/15
by CiCi
Kind of developing on this, I think some of the characters could have used a little bit more development, but this is nothing major, for the film always manages to evoke strong feelings of either pity or resentment for every single character at one point or another.

Farm House   10/24/15
by CiCi
Hu, something about her performance here was so unique and professional, you can tell she took this film, even though it was a very small budgeted film, with the up most of seriousness, and it does the film an array of favours.

Scream   10/17/15
by CiCi
Drew Barrymore is also mentioned a lot in relation to this film, and although her scene is probably the best scene in the entire film, I would not say it was because of her, I thought she was good in her role, but it wasn't until the last few moments of her character's life when she calls out for he...

Kill List   10/04/15
by CiCi
The dialogue was authentic and true to life, and despite being a crime, thriller, horror and action film all at once, the film never once seemed messy or too inconsistent, and the balance between each genre worked extremely well.

Amer   9/19/15
by CiCi
It's hard to look at anything in great depth really, because almost every aspect of this film is vastly different from anything you'd expect from the majority of contemporary films.

Cannibal Holocaust   9/13/15
by CiCi
have created in certain areas, both past and present, as well all of the scandals that occurred in the seventies on both sides of the pond, you manage to identify the validity of the film's message, and it's quite an enriching experience I guess, because it's something you realise slowly as the film...

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