Brick Lane   10/22/15
by Chypmunk
I've very little knowledge of Bangladeshi life in Britain but most of the situations portrayed feel believable even if at the same time many of them do also feel a little stereotypical (there are certain similarities with East Is East for example).

The Boondock Saints   10/20/15
by Chypmunk
It's a fun film and I can fully understand it's appeal, just a shame for me that the leads, who are both of partly Irish ancestry themselves, couldn't have been written as just that and use accents that come more naturally to them.

The Long Good Friday   10/20/15
by Chypmunk
No doubts the film has gathered it's share of detractors over time, for instance the production values make it look and feel a little like it was made for television even though it wasn't - but imo that is actually more a compliment to how decent the standard of UK television productions were back i...

Another Year   10/14/15
by Chypmunk
Personally I found this by far the hardest of his films thus far to watch as the character Mary (played by the adorable Lesley Manville) is a little too close for comfort to that of a good friend of mine who was eventually sadly lost to this world at far too young an age - but that is to Leigh's cre...

Versus   10/13/15
by Chypmunk
Early offering from Kitamura (first full-length feature film) and tbh it shows as it's a bit of a mess and ultimately little more than a vehicle for a series of fight scenes (a mix of martial arts, guns and swordplay that vary in quality) and a chance to have a little fun with blood and gore within ...

Alexandra   10/07/15
by Chypmunk
Filmed in desaturated hues this is a film that certainly doesn't glamourise war but paints a pretty bleak picture of not only the surrounding war-ravaged environ but also conditions in the camp itself.

Lovelace   10/07/15
by Chypmunk
The film draws from Lovelace's own autobiographies as it's source which does leave the veracity of events slightly open to question and the manner in which the film opts to relate them not always in a linear fashion is a little irritating and at times briefly confusing.

The Host   10/06/15
by Chypmunk
Thankfully though we soon get an insight into what will be the crux of the film and even though the execution is a little off-putting at first the concept of a human being trapped inside their own body and only able to communicate internally is one that will always instil a level of interest for me.

The Arrival of Wang   10/05/15
by Chypmunk
The script is a little patchy in places, events sometimes feel a little drawn out and the acting is variable though passable in the main but where the film really struggles is in the effects department, perhaps not unsurprising considering it's budget but still disappointing nonetheless.

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