Tora! Tora! Tora!   1/01/19
by Chypmunk
Once the morning of Sunday 7th December is reached a little tension is introduced as incidents gradually escalate until the attack is finally delivered on-screen.

Beyond the Hills   11/17/15
by Chypmunk
Proceedings do dip a little around the halfway point but it's not for long and not only did the film manage to draw me in successfully it also managed to keep me invested in proceedings.

Team America: World Police   11/10/15
by Chypmunk
Sadly though it's a film that stands or falls primarily on it's humour and though for me it started well and tried hard it ultimately ended up down on one knee, unable to push itself back upright.

The Selfish Giant   11/04/15
by Chypmunk
The dearth of likeable characters, albeit fitting for the story, and alien milieu (hopefully to most at least) both could have presented problems with becoming invested in the story but I'm pleased to say neither did for me, the few redeeming qualities that were glimpsed in some characters here and ...

Like Someone in Love   11/03/15
by Chypmunk
That their two lives become entangled beyond this brief encounter however is less believable, quite why a busy client would interrupt his life beyond their dalliance is never satisfactorily defined and although it is from that moment on that the film began to build interest for me it is also where i...

Under the Skin   10/29/15
by Chypmunk
For me it's a film that I'm a bit on the fence about after seeing it for the first time, aspects of it I enjoyed whilst others left me somewhat frustrated.

Dreams of a Life   10/29/15
by Chypmunk
The film does manage to achieve one of the primary objectives well though which is to humanise someone that for most was nothing more than a name in a strange newspaper article, if that.

The Bat People   10/28/15
by Chypmunk
There really isn't much to be said in favour of this film, whilst the premise may be perfectly acceptable, if very much unoriginal, the execution is lacking in pretty much all departments.

London to Brighton   10/27/15
by Chypmunk
That the subject matter is seedy should come as no surprise given the roles being played and it is to the film's credit that it manages to create such a pervasive air of grime and desperation even though visually it is actually quite tame and reserved.

In Another Country   10/22/15
by Chypmunk
Personally I found both her character and the film in general slowly growing on me as each different act was presented, though I should state that the baseline from which the film started was low for me as the 'introduction' by which all three segments are joined is unsatisfying and the initial scen...

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