Applause   6/01/19
by Chypmunk
In terms of acting some of the supporting cast are a little weak but the romance between April and Tony (Joan Peers and Henry Wadsworth) is quite nicely played whilst Helen Morgan holds proceedings together very nicely with her central portrayal of a character of which sadly her real life gave her a...

The Girl with All the Gifts   5/08/19
by Chypmunk
The Girl With All The Gifts starts a little slowly but is a fun enough ride once the survival tale begins and even if it does feel like it rushes a little in the closing stages towards it's conclusion I'm happy enough to give it a reasonably solid +

Colossus: The Forbin Project   5/05/19
by Chypmunk
On the whole though I suspect enjoyment would depend largely on how much of interest the tale is thematically, and for me that interest level is high even if there may be the odd hole in the plot.

Life   5/01/19
by Chypmunk
Unfortunately though, whilst that life form would be truly terrifying in real life, on screen it just doesn't really convey that level of threat (one could even say it comes across as a damp squib) and whilst the film does admittedly manage occasional pockets of tension it never gets close to reachi...

The Shallows   4/25/19
by Chypmunk
In terms of pace the opening does feel a little drawn out to me and the initial encounter with the surfers is rather dull but once the brown stuff begins to hit the fan events are quite nicely spaced, even if by nature at times they are a little repetitive.

The Midnight Meat Train   4/23/19
by Chypmunk
For instance, at one point the camera performs a full external 360 circle of the train compartment which makes for a reasonably nice effect and one particular scene set in Mahogany's apartment is very nicely shot but on the downside the use of slow-motion in the midst of action scenes makes them fee...

The Beyond   4/16/19
by Chypmunk
The opening prologue sets the tale well enough and is kept relatively brief but aside from a little modestly decent effects work is rather lacklustre and displays the usual Fulci weaknesses in both acting and script.

Flavia the Heretic   4/13/19
by Chypmunk
Flavia The Heretic is a little underwhelming for those looking for more visceral viewing (though it certainly does have its moments), isn't particularly salacious (despite showing a fair amount of flesh) and does sound its message a little too loudly and often (which can make it a little frustrating...

Crimson Peak   4/11/19
by Chypmunk
The acting is generally decent enough and though the tale may have little originality it's still one that is worthy of telling.

Skinwalkers   4/08/19
by Chypmunk
In fact it's difficult to find much to be positive about - the story lacks originality but perhaps could have been serviceable in better hands, the first major shootout begins well enough, the climax takes place in a decent enough location and even manages a little atmosphere in the early stages whi...

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