Texas Chainsaw Massacre   6/03/22
by Captain Spaulding
Half a century later, the ninth film in the franchise finally delivers on the god damned promise of a Texas chainsaw massacre.

Rear Window   2/01/21
by Captain Spaulding
No wonder then that I find the "window-shopping" to be the most fascinating component of Rear Window, and on re-watches I find myself looking past Stewart and Kelly to study that living, breathing backdrop.

The Elephant Man   1/18/21
by Captain Spaulding
Philips cathedral, obscured but for a solitary spire by a brick wall outside Merrick's window -- and which Merrick, both in the film and in real life, built an impressive model of by relying on his imagination -- symbolizing the beautiful soul obscured beneath the disfigured body.

Pulp Fiction   1/10/21
by Captain Spaulding
He's a movie geek who grew into a movie god, watching and studying a variety of films from a young age, later working in video stores and movie theaters until eventually catching his big break.

Funny Games   10/15/20
by Captain Spaulding
Another negative consequence of the obnoxious fourth-wall breaking is summarized in the following excerpt from Bilge Ebiri's excellent film essay on the Criterion website: If we eventually see them [the family] only as objects, or as pawns, then Haneke will simply have achieved the very thing hes tr...

Amadeus   8/07/20
by Captain Spaulding
The film's deepest conflict isn't between dueling composers, however, but between Salieri and his God.

Naked   7/29/20
by Captain Spaulding
Sexual liaisons with Johnny quickly turn rough, as he seeks to mentally and physically dominate his partners, but his sexual encounters throughout the rest of the film are consensual.

Hud   7/17/20
by Captain Spaulding
Within the first few scenes -- a bar owner sweeping broken glass ("Hud was in here last night."), Hud nonchalantly exiting the house of another man's wife and allowing his nephew to take the blame when the husband demands an explanation, Hud recklessly destroying the housekeeper's azaleas with his s...

The Thin Blue Line   7/06/20
by Captain Spaulding
The re-enactments of the shooting, often filmed from different angles and shown repeatedly throughout the runtime, are so stylish they seem lifted from a gorgeously photographed neo-noir.

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three   6/29/20
by Captain Spaulding
It's been said that the film ends with the most famous sneeze in movie history.

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