Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy   10/14/11
by Brodinski
...if you pay attention and have your mind firing on all cylinders, you will get drawn in and enjoy this one tremendously.

The Tree of Life   5/24/11
by Brodinski
This is the first time where I got actually annoyed rather than bewondered when watching a Malick film. There is too much that is trying to be told; too many pointless levels and too much spiritual nonsense, so that the film runs the risk of eventually being viewed as trifling and completely adrift. To me, the film just feels like a majestic, giant soap bubble.

Knight and Day   7/23/10
by Brodinski
Just watch the trailer and you know exactly what to expect: a stylish, well choreographed, beautifully directed, but flat romcom-action flick.

Iron Man 2   5/02/10
by Brodinski
As the plot unravels, one begins to ask himself why they signed all these big names to this movie if they do not give them proper supporting roles.

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