Le Mans   4/13/17
by 77topaz
A lot of the films shots were actually filmed at a real 24 Hours of Le Mans race in 1970, which really helps the film, giving it a very authentic feeling.

Automata   10/16/16
by 77topaz
In conclusion, Automata is a science fiction film that explores interesting philosophical issues related to artificial intelligence, though it is let down somewhat by the frequent appearance of genre clich and resemblance to earlier sci-fi films.

Meshes of the Afternoon   10/07/16
by 77topaz
David Lynch has cited the film as an influence on his work, and one can certainly see parallels between Meshes of the Afternoons cinematography and surreal symbolism and that of Lynchs films like Mulholland Drive.

Ex Machina   8/25/16
by 77topaz
This is an interesting set-up for a film, and Ex Machina is certainly an interesting film.

The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared   8/05/16
by 77topaz
The film doesnt have a particularly noticeable soundtrack overall, though the jovial main theme fits well with the atmosphere of the rest of the film.

Requiem for a Dream   7/11/15
by 77topaz
However, Requiem for a Dream is not a film about drugs, any more than A Clockwork Orange is a film about ultra-violence.

The Seventh Continent   7/10/15
by 77topaz
In fact, at some places the darkness is somewhat overwhelming for the viewer (in fact, when I first saw this film, I considered it the darkest film I had ever seen); and, the films portrayal of the tediousness of the familys life somewhat has the effect of causing it to be tedious itself.

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