24: Redemption   5/11/21
by Takoma11
As it stands, the fate of many main characters are left up in the air, and because I was not interested in watching the season, I had pretty mixed feelings about that.

Sansho the Bailiff   5/09/21
by Thief
Sansho the Bailiff could be seen as a tragic story of time lost and wasted youth, but it is also a story of change and redemption, mercy and hope; one where there's still time to do good and make up for the years lost, if we keep that teaching to ourselves and never give up.

Black Is Beltza   5/09/21
by Takoma11
I never felt like I connected with him or his goals, and it was hard to care about him as the film wound on.

The Mitchells vs. The Machines   5/09/21
by Takoma11
While many kids movies have increasingly come to lean on meta-jokes, this is a film that takes a very self-aware approach to its animation and structure, but still carves out a meaningful emotional arc for all of its main characters.

Casa de Lava   5/08/21
by Takoma11
There is something spooky in the film involving a subplot whereby Mariana has dosed several children in the village with vaccinations and many of them fall sick.

Arrival   5/08/21
by Optimus
Ted Chiang, who wrote the story the film is based upon, approved the film, saying, "I think it's that rarest of the rare in that it's both a good movie and a good adaptation...

Cries and Whispers   5/07/21
by Thief
Like most of Bergman's films, Cries and Whispers is a visually striking film; one that ends up being an emotional rollercoaster, as characters go up and down the spectrum: arguing, screaming, crying, loving, whispering.

Fear of Fear   5/07/21
by Takoma11
I liked Carstensen's performance as Margot, and I appreciated the way that the film portrayed and developed the relationship between Margot, her husband, and her in-laws.

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things   5/06/21
by Gideon58
He embraces what is happening and enjoys it in a way until he meets Margaret, who confesses that she is stuck in the same loop and decides to share with Mark all the cool things that she keeps seeing day after day.

Any Wednesday   5/06/21
by Gideon58
There's a point where it's made clear to the viewer that John has Ellen convinced that he's really going to leave his wife, and even if Ellen believes it, we don't and Cass doesn't and we just know this has to be Ellen's way out of this mess, though the mess does take WAY too long to get untangled.

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