Something Wild   9/21/23
by Gideon58
Lulu, whose real name is Audrey by the way, takes Charlie to meet her mother and to her high school reunion, introducing him as her husband.

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later   9/21/23
by Thief
However, when the inevitable sequel came along, it was decided to move the story "forward" that Laurie and Michael Myers were siblings, giving some sort of motive for his killing spree, but also stripping the film from its terrifying randomness.

Red Rock West   9/21/23
by Thief
Michael is, essentially, a "nice guy" and the film makes a point of letting us know that he is.

Dead Presidents   9/21/23
by ScarletLion
The film is structured into three distinct parts; his early years deciding to not go to college, the experience of the Vietnam war, and life after the war in which he decides to commit a crime to help pay the bills.

Talk to Me   9/21/23
Unfortunately, the movie falls short of being anything more than a visually stunning mediocre horror film with a disappointing ending.

Shimsn   9/20/23
by Thief
Found this short mostly by chance in a list of films with Native American characters made by Native American people, and it certainly left an impression.

Vacation Friends 2   9/20/23
by Gideon58
Even though they did make peace at the end of the first film, after everything Ron and Kyla pout them through, it makes no sense that Marcus and Emily would want to go on another vacation with these people.

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers   9/20/23
by Thief
The film is an unnecessary convoluted mess that clearly doesn't understand what made the original film work.

3 Women   9/20/23
by Gideon58
Altman initially challenges viewer patience here because as the film begins, what appears to be exposition seems to go on forever, but it turns out the detail that Altman puts into establishing the Millie character during the film's first half was essential in making the second half of the film work...

The Nun II   9/19/23
Valak sucks in this movie, as their entire purpose in this film is to find a new holy relic which "would be of unknown consequences were it to fall to the hands of a demon", yet when Valak does end up in possession of the relic (through a hilarious fake out), they don't actually pose more of a threa...

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