Shrek 2   6/06/04
by Yoda
The film, which picks up right where the first left off, begins by following Shrek (voiced by Mike Myers) and Fiona (voiced by Cameron Diaz) on their honeymoon, incorporating plenty of nods to other modern movie blockbusters along the way.

The Day After Tomorrow   6/03/04
by John McClane
I personally think this movie is a great way to start off the summer.

Punch-Drunk Love   5/14/04
by blibblobblib
The noises, colours, images and events that happen on screen are enough to confuse anyone, but if you can accept the strange sight and sounds your hearing as part of the film and not some seperate attempt to symbolise some deeper meanings, the film is a love story shown through colours and sounds.

Troy   5/12/04
by LordSlaytan
My biggest complaint about this film isnt the fact that its more of an action/drama than epic, it isnt even the fact that most of the actors were acting either like hams or like comatose patients from Bellevue, or even that I hate the downfall of the epic because of the cheaper CGI (though that does get a major harrumph from me), or that the music is utterly forgettable instead of being majestic like epic music should be, its that for the entire length of the movieI didnt feel a damn thing at all!

Maximum Overdrive   5/04/04
by blibblobblib
The film opens with with the accompany of an 80's rocking AC/DC soundtrack and a short Star-Wars-esque epilogue telling us about the comets tail, and then we are shoved straight into the machines homicidal beginnings.

Some Mother's Son   4/22/04
by Caitlyn
In Some Mothers Son, we are told Bobbys story, as well as other IRA prisoners, through the eyes of two fictitious mothers and their sons Kathleen Quigley (Helen Mirren), a pacifist who was unaware her son, Gerald (Aidan Gillen), was even involved in the IRA until he was arrested and Annie Higgins (Fionnula Flanagan), a staunch supporter of the IRA who views her son, Frank (David O'Hara), as a hero for the cause.

The Punisher   4/19/04
by John McClane
If youre the kind of person that loves action films then Id suggest this movie to you.

Kill Bill: Vol. 2   4/18/04
by Sedai
Some fans of the first film may be put off if they arrive at the theatre expecting more of what the first film had to offer, and will find the second film quite a different, if not just as enjoyable, animal altogether.

The Whole Ten Yards   4/15/04
by John McClane
The reason I say you should see that movie first is because you can get more out of the movie, comedy wise, then if you dont.

Shaun of the Dead   4/14/04
by blibblobblib
Although some of the British humour in the film may be lost on a foreign audience and some of the jokes may lay unappreciated due to unfamiliarity of the actors unique style, any fans of Zombie movies or a good honest comedy will thoroughly enjoy this new Brit-flick-Rom-Zom.

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