Shallow Grave   4/26/18
by Citizen Rules
Someone said the film really looks like the early 90s was a long time ago, yup and this film is like a time machine back to big glasses, blow dried hair, long sweaters and bulky computer monitors!

Shallow Grave   2/21/18
by Joel
I got a little nervous at first because they opened the film with that rave-ish electro tune..which was still cool, but I thought the whole movie was gonna be one big trendy borefest.

Shallow Grave   10/10/14
by Jack1
Danny Boyle has stated that of the films he has directed, this is his father's favorite, and that whenever a new film directed by Boyle junior is released (including Slumdog Millionaire (2008), which won the academy award both for best film and best director) and he asks Boyle senior's opinion, his ...

Shallow Grave   3/27/08
by Darth Stujitzu
In my opinion, Shallow Grave was the film that breathed life back into a stale British Film Industry back in 1994 and cleared the way for a new wave of young British directors like Shane Meadows, Chris Nolan and even Guy Ritchie.

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