Children of Men   9/08/18
by SmudgeEFC1985
Unquestionably one of the bleakest films I've ever seen, it us genuinely scary how relevant this film is today.

Children of Men   1/25/16
by DrSoup007
I've yet to read the book (and I plan on reading it soon) but I believe the direction the film took was a direct narrative and more of a commentary on individual character than society as a whole.

Children of Men   9/01/15
by CiCi
For such a quintessentially British film, it was largely ignored, and I genuinely feel as though this is amongst the greatest British films ever made, so I can't understand how it didn't sweep the majority of categories.

Children of Men   5/14/15
by Iroquois
That's without mentioning how heavily the film will lay on its religious subtext at times - having characters respond to the discovery of the film's most important plot point with an exclamation of "Jesus Christ!"

Children of Men   5/10/15
by MovieMeditation
The film starts out like a distinctive dystopian doomsday presentation, which is frequently used in various other futuristic films or genre-orientated concepts that revolves around the end of the world, as we know it.

Children of Men   1/10/07
by Yoda
[i]Children of Men[/i] is a borderline masterpiece. It is technically brilliant and occasionally funny, but consistently poignant. For all the pessimism on the surface, the film is optimistic at its core. It depicts a world not without hope, but in which hope is dormant, waiting for a spark to ignite it again.

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