The Descent   10/12/21
by Thief
For those that do, you know that the film's first half amps you up with the claustrophobia and fear of being stuck in a cave, but pushes things to 11 once it adds the threat of being eaten by hordes of cannibal humanoids.

The Descent   12/10/18
by pahaK
It would be so easy to go wrong with the concept of six women lost in a pitch black cave but Marshall manages to weave legit story and enough characterization into the mix making The Descent a proper movie instead of boring display of dark and darker scenes.

The Descent   2/08/16
by CiCi
Some people have suggested that the crawlers don't exist at all, and Sarah is the one responsible for attacking all of the women, others have suggested that the cave network is symbolic of a womb, and the crawlers are manifestations of Sarah's fear of her own after the death of her only child, which...

The Descent   10/16/13
by Sedai
Both character arcs are almost completely subverted by film's end, and the final confrontation is subtly acted and leaves the viewer feeling ambivalent about both characters; this fact alone pushes The Descent up above most horror films.

The Descent   10/21/08
by TheUsualSuspect
Don't be confused with the lesser film The Cave, which has the same idea, yet fails horribly to even come close to the level of this film.

The Descent   10/31/07
by Prospero
After the first twenty or thirty minutes, the movie kicks into high gear and never lets up.

The Descent   8/08/06
by Holden Pike
Those who go to these kinds of movies for jump-scares and Kensington Gore won't be disappointed, and it's not dumbed down or overly stylized so much that a more casual horror horror watcher can't enjoy it too.

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