Conan the Barbarian   9/27/22
by Wooley
A number of exceptional people give very good, very serious performances here to give the whole proceedings an air of legitimacy that I think is lacking in so many other genre films.

Conan the Barbarian   1/08/20
by Tramuzgan
As I've already stated, Conan the Barbarian isn't the best adventure movie out there, but it accomplishes things that'd make it worth seeing in a sea of superior adventure movies.

Conan the Barbarian   12/16/17
by mark f
Anyway, Conan the Barbarian is a legit film to me; it's not a comic book and it's not a prequel to the silly Conan the Destroyer.

Conan the Barbarian   1/11/15
by hello101
Conan The Barbarian is not a film with the greatest of acting or storytelling, it's a pure action flick (underneath the swords and magic exterior) and unsurprisingly Arnie does well in it.

Conan the Barbarian   6/10/08
by The Gnat
This is mainly because it is so hard to take Arnold seriously because of his wonderful accent, and the film doesn't even take itself seriously the whole time because of the facial expressions that Arnold gives.

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