For a Few Dollars More   1/12/19
by pahaK
Second film in Leone's Dollars Trilogy.

For a Few Dollars More   10/19/15
by neiba
The basic plot is quite simple, but Leone takes a while to reveal it: during the first 30 minutes we are presented to Colonel Douglas Mortimer (Lee van Cleef), a quiet and clever bounty hunter specialist in long range shooting, Manco (Eastwood), also a bounty hunter whos very quick on the trigger an...

For a Few Dollars More   5/06/15
by Iroquois
This marks the first time I've watched For a Few Dollars More in at least a decade and the second time overall, but on the basis of that original viewing I put the film into my original Top 100.

For a Few Dollars More   11/17/10
by MovieMad16
Just when i thought The First Dollars Film changed Western Genre...Out Comes For A Few Dollars More.

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