The Tree of Life   5/25/20
by Citizen Rules
And in that way we're never quite sure what's happening, or will happen, and we really don't need to know that because the film is about the moments that make up a life.

The Tree of Life   1/07/20
by TheUsualSuspect
If I were to make a time capsule and put 5 films in; Tree of Life would make that list.

The Tree of Life   10/28/17
by seanc
In the Tree Of Life Malick shows our world as being outside of time while at the same time being completely grounded in time.

The Tree of Life   7/08/15
by MovieMeditation
The film deals with God and belief, and how and why we are here on this earth, what our purpose is, why life is sometimes cruel, how we sometimes forgive and forget and how and when we need to move on I think the whispers work better than ever in The Tree of Life, since it is a clever and smooth method used to present us with the characters tangled thought-process, how they pray and who they thin they pray to, and how they show both trust and distrust toward a higher power So if there is anybody out there who are willing to give this movie another chance, or have never seen it but really wants to, I will simply say this know that that this film is very visual, very ambitious and very hard to figure out at times but dont try to decipher too much, make some thoughts about how a given scene can be interpreted, but just try to let your senses get captured by the perfect blend of music, visuals, framing, editing and so on.

The Tree of Life   4/26/15
by Iroquois
I come away from watching this still feeling like I need to give both The Tree of Life and Malick's films in general more attention - this film may not be perfect and I have legitimate gripes (visually fascinating though it is, the central storyline is a little too mundane for its own good and I did frequently wonder how this film would've played out if it had added in more footage of Jack as an adult) but I could definitely see it becoming a major favourite at some point.

The Tree of Life   8/02/11
by Justin
Reminiscent and intensely personal, he has crafted a film about life and all of its complexities, about growing up, fatherhood and motherhood and even the creation of the universe, which all comes together in a mosaic of life--much like the films poster.

The Tree of Life   5/24/11
by Brodinski
Others - like myself - will think of it as not only Malick's worst film, but as a painfully bad film, especially considering the potentially great drama that could have been handled much better.

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