Christine   10/21/20
by crumbsroom
While the film treats many of its plot points as little more than landmarks to show its audience we are still on the road to the expected conclusion, these fleeting glimpses we get of Arnies world are still vivid enough to work their spell.

Christine   10/14/19
by Iroquois
It certainly has one very slow build-up that made me question if this revisit was worth it, but it's only once Christine really starts coming alive and causing problems (I'd say around the time that the football game ends) that the film really kicks into high gear and it starts being a Carpenter fil...

Christine   10/18/18
by pahaK
Christine is in many ways both standard Carpenter and standard King.

Christine   12/13/17
by TheUsualSuspect
But Christine has a mind of her own and starts taking out bullies that torment Arnold and tries to go after his girlfriend because she doesn't like the car.

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