Christine   12/24/22
by Takoma11
Mainly the friendship between Arnie and Dennis, but also in the relationship between Arnie and Leigh (Alexandra Paul), the pretty new girl at his high school.

Christine   10/21/20
by crumbsroom
Who needs to see the home lives of bullies, or the fall out of domestic battles or whether or not the detectives actually have anything on Arnie beyond goofy speculation of where he buys his car paint?

Christine   10/14/19
by Iroquois
It certainly has one very slow build-up that made me question if this revisit was worth it, but it's only once Christine really starts coming alive and causing problems (I'd say around the time that the football game ends) that the film really kicks into high gear and it starts being a Carpenter fil...

Christine   10/18/18
by pahaK
I think the relationship between Arnie and Christine could have been more interesting than their revenge to some juvenile delinquents which feels more like a cheap way to increase the body count.

Christine   12/13/17
by TheUsualSuspect
But Christine has a mind of her own and starts taking out bullies that torment Arnold and tries to go after his girlfriend because she doesn't like the car.

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