Inside Llewyn Davis   2/20/17
by zissou
I recently rewatched the Coen brothers 2013 film Inside Llewyn Davis, and realized that I like this film quite a bit.

Inside Llewyn Davis   1/19/14
by seanc
Inside Llewyn Davis is already one of my top five Coen brothers films and is sure to grow upon further viewings.

Inside Llewyn Davis   1/16/14
by Daniel M
The Coen Brothers have made many great films, and this is right up there at the very top, it might just be their greatest and most honest human study, its a film that manages to be both beautiful and tragic, and you can not help but really feel the journey that Llewyn Davis goes on.

Inside Llewyn Davis   1/02/14
by thracian dawg
On the surface, the film appears morose and desperate (all Llewyn's songs seem to be about death or dying) but like ticking money bombs that have the time to travel all around the world for weeks and months on end before detonating; the film is actually filled with hitting it "big" moments.

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