In the Mood for Love   4/25/18
by Citizen Rules
From the first shot of Mrs Chan's room with the painting of the red apples on the wall and a bowl of red apples resting on the table below...I knew someone had taken great care to make visual art out of the story.

In the Mood for Love   3/18/18
by Okay
This is also a reason for having the rehearsals shot from the back of the characters, visually indicating them playing the other's spouse.

In the Mood for Love   2/26/18
by cricket
As a long time member of my watchlist, and 1 of just 2 movies in this Hall of Fame I hadn't previously seen, this was the nomination I was most looking forward to.

In the Mood for Love   8/27/15
by CiCi
Her scolding of Maggie Cheung for allowing her husband to forever stay away, but also because of her friendship with Tony Leung's character, something that was infrequent and not looked well upon at all during the 1960s within Hong Kong, created one of the most shocking and unexpected moments of the...

In the Mood for Love   3/25/15
by Iroquois
While I don't necessarily think it's going to become my favourite Kar-wai film in a hurry, and it's also hard not to spot instances where he repeats himself for the worse (there's at least one scene that struck me as a less impressive variation on a rather powerful scene from Happy Together), In the...

In the Mood for Love   5/24/06
by SamsoniteDelilah
This is the filmic equivalent of chocolate... Wong Kar-Wei's valentine to romance itself captures beautifully that feeling of wanting to be in love.

In the Mood for Love   10/23/04
by Golgot
The editing echoes actions, the characters are self-conscious, the translations seem to fit perfectly with mood and context, and the wording is exquisitly balanced.

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