In Bruges   9/30/15
by Fabulous
The movie gets more action oriented when Harry is forced to visit the guys in Bruges due to something happening earlier in the movie.

In Bruges   7/21/15
by MovieMeditation
Sometimes I love a good crooked comedy with a decent dose of dark humor on top of it, which, when I come to think of it, suddenly makes me feel lucky that I ended up in a low life habitation like Bruges.

In Bruges   6/03/15
by Nope1172
The character Chloe said that the movie that was being shot with the midgets was a dream sequence, and when Harry asked ken on the phone what Ray thought of Bruges, Ken said Ray called it dream-like, and the finale of the film takes place in this dream sequence movie set.

In Bruges   12/13/11
by akatemple
The movie has a great ending, the kind of ending I love and I think I can say that without giving away too much since I do not believe I have voiced my opinion about the type of endings I love, it is very emotional and has an interesting twist right at the end.

In Bruges   9/18/08
by TheUsualSuspect
The city is beautiful and is one of the main reasons this film is different from every other cookie cutter action-comedy film.

In Bruges   9/04/08
by Iroquois
Itís a hundred-odd minutes worth of entertainment, both comedic and tragic. What few flaws this film has are made up for by its many strengths.

In Bruges   4/21/08
by chris017
I personally enjoyed the film but would definitely say it is more suited for males!

In Bruges   4/15/08
by christine
Two hitmen, old hand Ken (Gleeson) and beginner Ray (Farrell) are hiding out in Bruges after Ray's first job.

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