Moulin Rouge!   6/06/16
by Gideon58
Luhrman takes this variation on a cinematic love story and dresses it up with cinematic storytelling techniques from other places...we have love at first sight, we have the woman choosing love or money, the obsessive rich guy who sees his competition but is in denial about it, the man willing to use...

Moulin Rouge!   4/02/15
by Iroquois
The comedy either trades on the vibrant weirdness of the setting or resorts to some tiresome comedies of errors that naturally tie into the love triangle between MacGregor's writer, his showgirl/courtesan love interest (Nicole Kidman) and the wealthy cad (Richard Roxburgh) whose presence causes even...

Moulin Rouge!   3/21/13
by JayDee
The standout moment would probably have to be the 'Elephant Love Medley' which features McGregor and Kidman atop a stunning elephant statue, trading lines from classic love songs back and forth; utilizing the likes of All You Need Is Love by the Beatles, In the Name of Love by U2 and Heroes by David...

Moulin Rouge!   4/14/12
by mastermetal777
Few things come together in this film, like the dance sequences and the slower scenes with character development. Other than that, this film is frenzied, confused, and otherwise forgettable.

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