JFK   6/28/20
by Osiris
But as a film, as a form of media entertainment, it's unfortunately draggy and overstuffed, resulting in the dilution of otherwise heartbreaking scenes that reminiscent on the great loss the American people suffered, the loss not being just a literal loss of a great man and a great (but flawed) pres...

JFK   5/28/19
by Gideon58
If anything, the footage depicting the effect the investigation was having on Jim's family could have been trimmed a bit...we've seen these scenes in a million different movies and Stone really didn't bring anything new to them and they definitely provided the film's slow spots.

JFK   1/21/15
by Iroquois
JFK conspiracy theories always were kind of interesting and even though Stone's film emerges as a sort of docudrama that doesn't seem particularly concerned with its characters and their arcs so much as being an epic big-screen adaptation of Garrison's investigative report.

JFK   8/02/13
by JayDee
For a film where at least 90% of its running time is dedicated to characters either standing or sitting around just talking, you would imagine that Oliver Stone may not have much opportunity to really make a mark on the film in a visual sense.

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