Punch-Drunk Love   9/17/23
by Thief
Punch-Drunk Love follows Barry (Sandler), a "nice man" that happens to be socially awkward, depressed and, well, prone to violent outbursts.

Punch-Drunk Love   9/18/17
by Joel
That is what I see in Paul Thomas Anderson's wonderfully written film.

Punch-Drunk Love   1/21/15
by Iroquois
I was aware that it was supposed to be a more artistic film that Sandler's usual fare and I had already seen at least a couple of other PTA films so I knew what to expect from the director, but I remember just being left cold by most of the film.

Punch-Drunk Love   6/08/09
by TheUsualSuspect
This film has the same feel as any other P.T.A film, yet it still feels different.

Punch-Drunk Love   5/17/08
by meatwadsprite
Story : This film is done in a very different beat than other films - especially Anderson's.

Punch Drunk Love   5/14/04
by blibblobblib
The third in the three of Paul Thomas Andersons most successful films is perhaps the most bizarre, yet also the most beautiful. His trademark cinematography is still noticeable, but with some new additions [i]Punch Drunk Love[/i] is a absoloute blast of the senses.

Punch Drunk Love   3/30/04
by Ezikiel
Paul Thomas Anderson has created one of my favorite love story films.

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