Gattaca   5/19/19
by pahaK
I'd really wish that these "intelligent" scifi films would work harder to make their worlds intelligent.

Gattaca   4/26/16
by Citizen Rules
Vincent (Ethan Hawke) is the natural born child, who's full of spirit but with crummy health...In contrast is his genetically superior manufactured brother Anton, who's icy.

Gattaca   12/06/15
by False Writer
The movie follows Freeman's journey as he infiltrates the Gatacca space program by posing as another person named Jerome Morrow (played by Jude Law) who is genetically "valid" for the job but suffered an accident oversees that left him paralyzed.

Gattaca   9/14/13
by JayDee
It's not a film which details and speculates about the far-flung possible future of spaceships, ray guns and aliens; but a film which takes our current society and levels of technology and just nudges them ever so slightly down the line; as the film itself tells us it's set in the not-too-distant future, and postulates how our civilization may adapt and change to advances in science.

Gattaca   8/31/07
by The Gnat
Now, I made that sound like a negative, but it isn't about the film, as the world they are in is really utopian for a sect of people who is the majority in the society, but in typical film/story fashion, the story focuses not on the utopian part of society, but that of the "underclass" and one person's attempt to leave the underclass and join the utopian society, even though class is determined at birth.

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