The Passion of Joan of Arc   2/07/21
by Thief
From its production and minimalist set design to Dreyer's direction; but most notably for Falconetti's iconic performance.

The Passion of Joan of Arc   11/05/19
by Citizen Rules
The Passion of Joan of Arc is one film once seen you soon won't forget.

The Passion of Joan of Arc   9/08/14
by Jack1
It may mostly consists of the aforementioned close-ups of Joan of Arc in a courtroom surrounded by interrogating men, but the way Dreyer manages to sustain interest among the audience by the use of pure emotion from Joan of Arc particularly and yet such simplicity is particularly adept.

The Passion of Joan of Arc   4/16/14
by Zotis
Before watching this film I watched Joan of Arc (1948) and made the mistake of saying that there were a couple other Joan of Arc films that looked like they could match it.

The Passion of Joan of Arc   8/02/04
by SamsoniteDelilah
Like Joan's simple, direct connection with her God, this film was met with outrage and censorship because it did not echo the commonly accepted conventions of the story, nor did it support the politically motivated claims on Joan by contemporary French government factions.

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