Gone with the Wind   5/27/18
by mattiasflgrtll6
Scarlett has been in love with Ashley for as long as she can remember.

Gone with the Wind   2/22/15
by Iroquois
I'm still giving it a relatively low rating for the time being (at the end of the day, there's no getting around the pro-Confederacy vibe of the film and I'm not sure it really earns its four-hour running time), but I'm willing to accept that it might grow on me a bit.

Gone with the Wind   7/01/11
by mark f
Butterfly McQueen, as Prissy, is often cited as a character presented in a racist context, but that seems to be more because of McQueen's unique way of speaking and the fact that her character tells some "stories" during the film which end up not being true and potentially causing danger to some mai...

Gone with the Wind   11/12/10
by MovieMad16
Not just of the infamous line, but the personality of Rhett Butler is so original and so magnificent that it remains one of the best characters ever created in film.

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