Memento   5/31/20
by aronisred
But I think its the combination of locations in the movie(San francisco/LA/Las vegas), the look of the protagonist and characters in the movie and the cinematography(both day and night) in the movie made the movie look much richer than its budget can afford.

Memento   6/22/19
by Citizen Rules
That's unusual for me as I never usually can guess who the killer is in these murder mystery movies.

Memento   7/03/16
by Pelicula Pelican
Memento is certainly not one of those films an audience will fully understand on a first viewing, so be prepared to watch this movie more than once.

Memento   7/18/12
by Daniel M
Memento is an enthralling and absorbing tale, a mysterious world filled with a mixture of mysterious characters, a puzzle displayed to us by Nolan, made in such a way that youll be both fascinated and confused by what youve just seen come the films end.

Memento   7/16/11
by TylerDurden99
I've been giving a lot of films five stars lately, but I feel this one really deserves it. This is how a thriller should be; complex, engaging, fascinating and handled by a director who doesn't know how to tell good stories, but great ones.

Memento   7/21/07
by The Prestige
Gritty, engaging and pretty much one of the finest films ever made, imo. Nolan's masterpiece of a blast.

Memento   8/20/05
by TheUsualSuspect
It's so unique and a giant leap from the Hollywood movies that are out there today, that you want to see it again and again not to just figure out the puzzles in the film, but to enjoy a great landmark film.

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