V for Vendetta   11/30/14
by Citizen Rules
It's strongest strengths are a blazing script, alive with intelligent dialogue and laced with metaphoric phrases and stellar performances by Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman.

V for Vendetta   9/23/12
by JayDee
We see their actions and words frequently mirrored throughout the film, and come the film's conclusion both individuals have arrived in the same place.

V for Vendetta   3/15/09
by TheUsualSuspect
The film and the graphic novel are really different, so I see myself commenting on this as a film itself and not in any way to the original source material.

V for Vendetta   8/31/07
by The Gnat
I believe the best part of the film is the story itself though and the ideas that flow through the story.

V for Vendetta   3/20/06
by thmilin
It's basically a social commentary told in a style that might remind you vaguely of Tim Burton's Batman mixed with X-Men. Ie, the capacity for a dark, rich story based in myth that verges on the superficial and overdone. But, thought provoking, interesting, will instigate discussions and exclamations afterward.

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