There Will Be Blood   5/21/18
by aronisred
An actor can be talented enough to play a role but if the filmmakers are not talented enough to surround the performance with a great movie then it all a waste.To me one of the main differences between actors like DDL and others who are equally talented and much more versatile is that DDL is the chosen one by hollywood.

There Will Be Blood   12/16/17
by Joel
How else can an actor with chops like Lewis inhabit such a beast man without a freedom and commitment from a director who knows exactly how to milk his cast, and how to capture such nuance in his characters, right down to the demonic growl of a whisky and nicotine stained vocal chord, bubbling like cold oil at the thought of a son becoming a sole entity for oil drilling?

There Will Be Blood   4/08/14
by kkl10
I enjoyed this movie very much but I feel it could be more...

There Will Be Blood   2/13/14
by Cobpyth
It's visually ingenious, the story is full of depth and tackles many interesting themes, the characters (and especially the main character of Daniel Plainview) are marvelously sketched, the dialogues are memorable, the acting performances are sublime and the story takes unexpected and daring turns, which is (almost) always a good thing.

There Will Be Blood   12/27/13
by Nostromo87
on the surface, it looks like the character Daniel Plainview is just hamming it up so he can appease the landowner and run his oil pipeline through his land.

There Will Be Blood   11/16/12
by Daniel M
Comparing the film to No Country for Old Men once again, both films were adapted from novels, and whilst I have no idea what either of them are like when compared with the two films I really do feel that Paul Thomas Andersons screenplay is superior to the Coen Brothers despite losing to it in that Oscar category, the dialogue for some of the scenes are masterful, particularly those of Daniel Plainview.

There Will Be Blood   1/22/12
by JayDee
Anderson tells the story of Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis), a silver prospector who stumbles into the world of oil and becomes determined to conquer that world, and crush all those who dare stand against him.

There Will Be Blood   2/24/08
by BobbyB
One day, business very good, but not quite booming, Plainview gets a visit from a man named Paul Sunday (Paul Dano) who informs him that there is endless amounts of oil nearby and he'll tell him the location in exchange for money.

There Will Be Blood   2/09/08
by Iroquois
There Will Be Blood was an excellent film, and not just solely on the back of Day-Lewis's performance.

There Will Be Blood   2/03/08
by TheUsualSuspect
Anderson gives us a stunning film that is as chilling as the performance from it's lead actor Daniel Day Lewis.

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