Prometheus   10/22/18
by Iroquois
Admittedly, seeing Ridley Scott return to the Alien universe suggests a degree of personal passion that's not so easily seen in his somewhat indistinguishable period epics, especially considering how his own advancing age is reflected in how much of the film is driven by a search for answers to the ...

Prometheus   1/06/13
by The Rodent
All in all, not a patch on the original film, not a patch on the sequels either (with exception to Resurrection, which really is rubbish) its still a decent movie though and has an incredibly clever twist that runs throughout the running time.

Prometheus   10/20/12
by PeterVincent
I am an enormous Alien fan, and whilst Prometheus is a prequel to Alien, it is not necessarily vowed to adopt the same tone and story of Ridley Scott's classic.

Prometheus   6/15/12
by Austruck
This naivete probably explains why my thoughts during the movie were along these lines all too often: "Geez, this is like a ripoff of both Alien AND 2001: A Space Odyssey!"

Prometheus   6/12/12
by jeev7882
Ridley Scott has given us an epic film that survives independent of the Alien movies even if it is somewhat of a prequel to the series.

Prometheus   6/09/12
by BumbleBee
There's no doubting that Prometheus is an entertaining film which has all the fireworks and on-screen beauty that a sci-fi lover would want. However, it's missing some of the delicate features and the execution which really makes a movie not just great but memorable and iconic.

Prometheus   6/02/12
by Pyro Tramp
It's seems like a negative review but it's not a bad film. It looks and sounds incredible ... It's a shame small things seem to have such a big impact on my experience but the structure of the plot itself didn't do any favours. There's never any escalating tension or build of dread and fear as the pace is fairly leisurely.

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